Founded in 2004 by Jojo Hui, a famous film producer in Hong Kong, THE EYE is a professional film and TV commercial production company incorporated in Hong Kong and based in Shanghai. It is also Shanghai’s first advertising company founded by film producers and advertising producers.

Our team comprises a group of producers with more than ten years of experience in the advertising industry, focusing mainly on the production of TV advertising, online advertising, micro films, domestic and overseas advertising as well as films.

Many of our domestic and overseas advertising works on automobiles, food, daily necessities and skincare products have also created great value and high quality for customers.

In addition to our resources for domestic and overseas directors and producers, what is most worthy of mention is our integration with overseas films. In addition to the production of advertisements, we also offer our clients resources for product placement and filmmakers.

We are equipped with massive sources of celebrities from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Hollywood, and have also successfully integrated the combination and promotion of MV/micro film for greater publicity and promotional value.