Jojo Hui


General Manager


Hong Kong's famous film producer and screenwriter.
Jojo Hui (producer / screenwriter) has already worked as a film planner from as early as 1997, and has had many award-winning works under her belt. Among them, Comrades: Almost a Love Story won 3 nominations and 22 awards(Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Screenwriter, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, and Best Costume, etc.). For Teddy Chan's Purple Storm in 1999, Jojo Hui began to hold the roles of both planner and screenwriter, and has won 8 nominations and 5 awards in the 16th Hong Kong Film Festival.

Since her first day in the industry working on "Yesteryou Yesterme Yesterday" (1993) by the United Filmmakers Organization, Jojo Hui has made a series of popular and critically acclaimed films through close cooperation with Peter Chan, including "Hello and Goodbye" (1991), "Tom, Dick and Hairy" (1993), "The Imperious Princess" (1994), and "Comrades: Almost a Love Story " (1997), etc. In 2001, she joined Applause Pictures founded by Peter Chan and produced many high-quality Asian films, including "Jan Dara" (2001), "One Fine Spring Day" "The Eye series" (2002, 2004, 2005), "Three series" (2002, 2004), "Golden Chicken series" (2002, 2003), "McDull, the Alumni" (2006), "Perhaps Love" (2005), "The Warlords" (2007), "Bodyguards and Assassins "(2009), "Swordsmen" (2011), "The Flying Guillotine" (2012), and "American Dreams in China" (2013), etc.


The 45th Taiwan Golden Horse Award (2008) Golden Horse Award – Best Original Screenplay (Finalist)
The Warlords (2007)
The 27th Hong Kong Film Award (2008) Film Award – Best Screenwriter (Finalist)
The Warlords (2007)
The 22nd Hong Kong Film Award (2003) Film Award – Best Screenwriter (Finalist) Three (2002)